Welcome to the home of Grace and Glory Gardens Products!

Thank you for coming to visit us. We are Taeler, Jared and Caleb, and this is our latest project. We started this store of sorts in an effort to raise some money to invest in our beekeeping business. We have each received our first hive of bees, but quickly learned that there is additional equipment and supplies that we will need to become good beekeepers. We also feel very strongly that we should always do whatever we can to earn our own money. This project is part to fund our business, part training wheels for when we are older and conducting business on a larger scale, and part (deep sigh) school.

If you see something that you're interested in please email us for ordering details. As time goes on we will be adding many more products so stop by often!


Hello everyone. As much as it pains us to do this we have to say that for now Thompson's Talents is sold out of everything! We are hoping and praying to be able to restock the supplies soon and get all of those favorite products ready to be sent to you all. Thank you so much for all that you've done to help us learn. We look forward to starting our new store soon. If you would like to be notified by email when we have more goodies to sell please send us your name and email address and we'll keep you informed.

We also are planning to have several new balms and salves ready soon as well as some fantastic new soaps. By spring we hope to offer some herbal teas and other homemade good for you things too. See you soon!
The Thompson kids


Hello all!! We are so happy that so many people have visited our site and that so many folks have enjoyed our products! The Lord has truly blessed our efforts and we are all so very thankful for HIS blessings on our lives.

We are sold out of many of our products ..... but please don't give up on us! We will be restocking those items that sold so well and adding new ones too. Watch our page carefully for updates and new items. We promise to restock as soon as we are able!

Again, THANK YOU!!!!! to everyone who took the chance and tried our products!

Two new soaps!

I apologize for not having a picture to put up yet. We've been busy in the bee yard and the garden and still schooling too. Anyway.... we have two great new soaps to offer!!

Our first one is our new favorite Dry skin relief soap. Momma came up with a great recipe that we've gotten wonderful reports on from our testers! She infused pure aloe vera juice with chickweed, plantain, red clover, hyssop, chamomile, and green tea to get the healing benefits of those herbs and used only pure peanut oil, olive oil, coconut oil and excellent quality soybean oil to get a creamy smooth lather. Then to make it even more smoothing and soothing to rough, dry, itchy or irritated skin Momma decided that we should add some honey, milk, oats, and beeswax for added healing power! It has a very earthy scent due to the herb content, we did add essential oils of lavendar (for it's healing power and scent) and just a smidge of tea tree oil, maybe in the future we will add rose for it's soothing abilities too but right now we just didn't have it to add. This soap is loaded with good for ya stuff and it is truly the most awesome soap creation we've had yet! We tried to decide on the price and even though this soap is so full of extra goodies we've decided that for now we won't price it any higher........ so you can get the most healing, comforting super suds we can offer (so far) for the same price as the rest of our soaps, that's $3.00 per 4-5 oz bar + shipping.

We also made another great new soap. Our purpose in creating this recipe was two fold. Momma wanted a soap that would strip the oils from poison ivy and poison oak off of Daddy's skin without taking the healthy natural oils too. Then with 2 teenagers in the house Momma was hoping to get a recipe that would help with oily skin and acne. Let me tell ya, this soap is ugly but boy does it work!! Momma did a lot of reading to find out which oils to use that would strip off the dirt and bad stuff while leaving the skins own natural and healthy fats that help it heal and protect it. We decided to use a pure aloe vera juice infused with red clover, hyssop, chickweed, plantain, green tea, and cucumber. The only oils in this soap are coconut and peanut with just a but of olive oil so this is a very very soft soap. For a little scrubbing boost we put in a bit of cornmeal and dried cucumber peel. We also used lavendar oil, tea tree oil and lemongrass oil in this soap because they are very healing and good for your skin. Because of silly stuff like lawsuits and FDA policies we can't make any kind of medicinal claims about our soap but I can say that even though one of our favorite things to do is run around in the woods and stuff none of us have gotten poison ivy so far this summer which is really really rare. This soap will cost the same as our other soaps for now $3.00 per 4-5 oz bar+ shipping.

Lotion bars

We have actually sold bunches of these already but haven't had a chance to put them up on the webpage until now. Our lotion bars are available in two scents, Lemongrass Sage and Spring Lilac. We make these with beeswax, cocoa butter, vitamin e, olive oil, coconut oil then scent them with essential oils and natural fragrance oils.
If you've never used a lotion bar you've been missing out on a great treat! They moisturize and protect your skin far better than a cream or lotion can and they make your skin feel like silk! Momma likes to use hers before she gets out in the garden to protect her hands from all that harsh work. We are working on making them in more scents but also with other skin nourishing additions. It's our goal to have them available before winter gets here.
$3.50 per bar +shipping.

Morning Mercy Facial Scrub

This incredible mix of milk and oats and herbs and specially crafted glycerin soap will leave your face fresh and smooth. If your skin could only say yummy!
$3.00 + shipping for a generous supply.

Honey Blackberry Soap

This soap is great for when you need that extra scrubbing power! We used some of our own honey and beeswax and then added some of our own blackberry seeds to really power out the garden grime. It's very lightly scented and lathers great.
$3.00 per bar +shipping.

Barely Berry Lip Balm

This is great for dry or chapped or wind burned lips! It's our special blend of beeswax and healing oils that provide excellent protection for that sensitive part of the face. This one is lightly strawberry flavored.

Cocoa Mint Lip Balm

Wow is this stuff good! It's our blend of healing oils and beeswax to protect and nourish chapped or dry lips flavored with chocolate and mint.
$2 + $1 shipping per tube.

Boo Boo Balm

Another one of our great salve creations! This one is infused with several herbs that are prized for their healing abilities. We infused the oils and then add pure beeswax, then when it has cooled just enough we add special essential oils. Great on cuts and scrapes and rashes and bites and bee stings!
$6.00 per 4oz tin + shipping

Super Summer Smoothy Soak

This special milk bath blend has milk and oat powder blended with some of our handmade lemongrass sage soap and other essential oils. It's like soaking in a skin smoothing tub of summer evening breeze!
Like the Pure Peace soak though it's a limited supply due to our costs.
$3.00 +shipping will get you 4-5 baths.

Mom's Muscle Massage

Made with beeswax and high quality oils infused with herbs and essential oils. Momma figured out how to can a massage!! This is the ticket for aches and pains as long as the skin is intact and it isn't a good idea to use it on your face. It's different from icy hot and that type of thing, it's much milder and gentle enough even for us young 'uns who just get all knotted up wrangling bee hives out in the yard but tough enough for Daddy's neck and shoulders too!
Costs $6.00 per 4oz tin + shipping.

Lemongrass Sage Soap

Momma has taught us to make soap the old fashioned way!
After some
experimenting {otherwise known as messing it all up} we finally got one right. It smells so good and lathers really creamy too. We scented it with lemongrass and infused some of the oils with sage to get just a hint of that scent but all the cleaning power of that herb in our soap.
Costs only $3.00 per bar + shipping.

Sweet Relief Healing Pads

This is one of the most blissful creations ever to be discovered. They are soft, flexible handmade fabric pads filled with grains and herbs and scented with essential oils. They work a little like a hot/cold pack only way way better. You keep them in the freezer in a zipper bag and depending on what you need at the moment you either pop it in the microwave or use it just as it is. The heat or cold will seep into the aches and owies you have and the herbs and oils will help the muscles relax along with your mind. Fred says buy one for everybody you know.... they'll love you for it!

The large over the shoulder pads are $18 + shipping. SOLD OUT

The long "spine" pads are $12 + shipping.

The small pads are $10 + shipping.
email for pricing on combined orders!

Bug Banned

We just love this stuff!!! Caleb can't stand the chemical smell from bug sprays and they make his nose bleed too, plus they are bad for the bees and they make the bees cranky. Momma did lots of reading and studying in the herb books and different places and found out that certain essential oils mixed in the right amounts are just as effective as nearly all of the chemical sprays against mosquitos and ticks and fleas. We hope it works on chigger bugs too but we haven't found any research on that yet. We called it Bug Banned and momma has copyrighted the name to the product for us. It smells really good too .... unless you're a mosquito I guess.
$7.00 + shipping /4oz bottle

Blueberry syrup!

Don't miss out on our homemade blueberry syrup!! We pick the berries ourselves at a neighboring farm and then turn them into this wonderful, sweet, and more than slightly addictive nectar. It's great on top of pancakes and waffles and cheesecake and ice cream and french toast and probably tons of other stuff I can't sit here and type out right now... but you get the idea I'm sure.
The price for this item is $4 a pint +shipping.